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Sporasub SP2 Apnea Dive Computer


Sporasub SP2 FreeDiving Computer
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The SP2, in addition to the typical functions of the best Free-diving computer, may be used with a heart rate monitor. The heart rate can be used both in the water or during the training out of the water
  • SP2 is a wrist computer specifically created for Free-diving
  • It features all functions of modern digital watches (time, date, chronograph, countdown timer, daily alarm, dual time) and a dive mode
  • The Dive mode activates automatically with the water contact and resumes automatically after around 30 seconds from the water exit
  • During the dive, the display will show in real time: Instant depth, dive time, water temperature. Once on the surface, the SP1 indicates automatically the surface time
  • SP2 it’s a perfect combination of functionality and style, both for freediving and “dry” training. Its main features are: DIVE, CHRONO, TIMER, HISTORY, SET-UP.
  • The Dive Master software (available at Omersub website) allows dive data downloading of: dive time, maximum depth, water temperature, total calories, max/min heart rate (only using Cardio Chest Strap).
  • The Cardio Chest Strap (optional) can be used both in Dive and Chrono mode. It features 5,3 KHz allowing underwater data transmission.
  • Software and SP2 Firmware are very easy to use and can be updated

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